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Goddess Tips: A fresh mindset needs a fresh space

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Glass flowers in glass recycled bottle vase

For the last nine months (maybe it’s been 30 years, I’m not sure), many of us have been hunkered down in our homes. For some of us, that might mean just a couple hundred square feet of space. I’ve been starting to feel really constricted in my little apartment, which has looked pretty much exactly the same for well over a year. I’m making a lot of changes in my life right now, and working on cultivating a fresh, positive mindset; I know that my surroundings have a huge impact on me, and sprucing up my environment will help me open up to new opportunities. If you’re like me and you’re working on reconfiguring your mindset, try reconfiguring your space.

Let’s clean up together! Though the possibilities are endless, I thought I would compile a small list of ideas for freshening up your space, without spending and without waste.

Rearrange your furniture

Give yourself a new perspective. You’re going to have to trust me on this one, it really makes a difference; I’ve always found that shifting the setup of my furniture gives me that new-start feeling. We spend every day looking at the same thing; move your desk to a new window, flip your couch around, maybe figure out a new way to consolidate your space. Put your art in a place where you can see it better. Changing your physical perspective can stimulate a shift in mental perspective.

Got a lot of stuff hanging around? Reorganize

I’m guilty of leaving things out, or never actually finding a place to put them. My tables are often decorated with a host of different things that don’t have a designated place to go (and so are my floors). Take some time to clean your cabinets and closets, open up some more space, and find a home for your floating objects. It’s an accomplishment.

Again: got a lot of stuff hanging around? Declutter, mindfully

As you’re cleaning and reorganizing, when you find something that you don’t really use or need, consider getting it out of your space all together. Don’t shove it in some deep dark corner, give it a new home where it will actually get used. Donate your items, sell them if you’re looking to get a couple bucks back for them (try Mercari or Facebook Marketplace!), ask your friends if they’re interested in taking them. As an alternative, upcycle your items into something you’ll actually use; for example, you could take that dress you haven’t worn in two years and use the fabric to sew some protective, cloth face-masks. Also, glass jars and bottles make amazing decorations and storage, glassware is such a easy, elegant upcycle! Rehome, repurpose, and recycle! Rethink waste. The Earth will thank you for your kindness.

Dry flowers or foliage for low or no-cost décor

In my ideal world, my house would be absolutely dripping in plants and flowers, draped in that natural-goddess splendor. However, the upkeep of plants does cost a few dollars here and there - a significant amount of dollars if you have a lot of plants. So, as an alternative, dried flowers and leaves can make for some really gorgeous décor. If you want to avoid spending, go for a walk in nature and see what you can find; as an alternative, spend a couple dollars on some flowers at the store. I’ve found that baby’s breath, roses and hydrangeas dry beautifully without much effort, you can keep them in a vase, but you can also take pretty much any flower and press them underneath some heavy books, leave them until they’re dry, and frame them for a new piece of wall art. I’ve found some really large, beautiful leaves on walks before, and those can also be pressed and framed. Make something out of pine branches and cones, palm fronds, use a stick as a base for a natural-looking macramé - get creative!

Speaking of creativity, if you have extra art supplies lying around, make something for yourself, you deserve it

I sell paintings, and I typically don’t hang up any of my own work in my apartment while it’s waiting to be sold (so it doesn’t get damaged and I don’t get attached to it). But, I’ve been really wishing for a new painting to brighten up my own space, and rather than purchasing one I’m going to paint my own; it’ll only cost me the supplies I’m willing to spare. If you’re a visual artist (or hobbyist), know that It’s okay to use your supplies for recreation once in a while, think of it as practice for your business. Paint something new, knit yourself a new blanket or throw pillow covers, dye your sheets a new color, embroider your kitchen towels; whatever it is that you do, you can do it for yourself, too.

Yes, new plants and new furniture is a wonderful thing, but you don’t have to spend money to change up your space!

What are some things you like to do to freshen up your home? Do you find that changing your physical environment impacts your mindset? Let’s chat in the comments!

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