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Goddess Tips: Enjoy your Morning Ritual and Conquer your Day

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Good Morning!

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Waking up is the thing that happens when you’re done sleeping. But sleeping is great, and sometimes you don’t want to be done sleeping, so you vehemently resist waking up. Many of us do; if we can help it, we make sure that we don’t wake up until we’ve got just enough time left to throw on some clothes and get to work. And then you get there, and you hate everything about being there, and you imagine how nice it would’ve been if you didn’t have to wake up for this.

Personally, I can't do this. Whenever I just spill out of my bed and into my day, inevitably, my day is terrible. Not only is my day terrible, but it is entirely due to my own actions, so I have no one to blame for it. In order to be a functional member of society, I absolutely have to have a morning ritual.

If you’re feeling a little unmotivated, or you feel like your daily tasks are running you over, maybe you’re like me and could benefit from a solid morning routine; the first moments of every day should be about you. Enjoy your morning ritual and conquer your day. How can you possibly do a good job taking care of everybody else if you haven’t even put your own feet on the ground? I’ve found that if I set myself steady first, I retain information better, I’m more motivated to start and complete daily projects, and I’m much better to the people around me.

Creating your moment of peace

Whether you’re able to conjure up an extra hour in the morning or a humble fifteen minutes, you deserve to give yourself a bit of time to focus entirely on you, without the pressure of the morning rush. A complete morning for me includes

  • Making my bed. If my space is in order, I’m in order. Seriously, it takes 60 seconds to make your bed, and it just feels nice.

  • Downing a glass of water. This gives my body a nice refresh after 7 hours of no fluids

  • A simple morning skin routine and hair-refresh. I like to take a minute to just fix myself up and remind myself I’m a person. If I’m in the mood, I’ll follow that up with makeup.

  • A solid breakfast, and caffeine fix. I cannot and will not do anything until I have eaten. Usually I use my morning cooking/eating time to listen to the news, but if I need an escape I’ll turn on a podcast.

  • Reminding myself what I want to accomplish today. I like to step into my day feeling like I’ve got a plan.

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I prefer to wake up at a leisurely pace and take my time, so I usually give myself a good hour; however, these are really just a few simple things, so I can speed up the process if I feel like spending an extra few minutes catching up on sleep. Most days I do either go lift at the gym or do yoga before I start working, but listed above are the main things that I always do for myself that set me up for the day. Things just don’t go quite as they’re supposed to during the day if I don’t.

I know you have some things that you just wish you had time for in the morning; maybe you wish you had a few minutes to read a chapter of a book, or write a page in the journal you keep forgetting about. Maybe you want to jam out in the shower, go for a walk, or plan out your meals for the day. Take my advice, make the time, you’ll be so happy you did. I was not always a “morning-person,” but I’m so glad I forced myself to become one. Sometimes I’ll even go to bed early just because I’m excited to get up and eat breakfast. I know, I’m insane, but it’s been really nice to get up with the sun and pay attention to just me. It’s a positive-reset every day that I genuinely look forward to. Me-time isn’t something to feel guilty about; connecting with yourself teaches you how to be the best version of you, so you can deliver the creativity and passion that only you can at your job or in school, and you can put your best foot forward for your loved ones.

Set yourself up right, and take a few minutes in the morning to ground yourself for the day. Selfcare and wellness practices are a crucial part of balanced living.

What are some things that you like to make time for in the morning? How do you usually like to wake yourself up? Is the morning a struggle for you? Let’s chat!

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