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Self-care Series: A Self-Love Bath Recipe

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Candlelit rose petal bath with pothos plant

Once a week, typically on the same day I thoroughly clean my apartment, I like to settle down for a me-time soak in my freshly-cleaned bathtub. A few weeks ago I had to completely rearrange the life-plans I’d made for the next few months due to some unignorable factors, and though it was difficult to come to terms with, I knew it was the best thing for me going forward. It also made me realize that for almost a year now, my confidence had been really struggling, and I wasn’t giving myself the love and strength that I deserve. So I decided to take advantage of the waxing crescent moon to help me restore and grow the love in my heart that I’d been neglecting to provide for myself.

For this bath, I used

2 cups of Epsom and pink Himalayan salts: Epsom salts are great for the skin, and are said to purify negative energies. Pink Himalayan salt has a very gentle, but strong energy, and is used for grounding, releasing attachments to things that are holding you back, and finding self-love.

A few drops of sandalwood oil: sandalwood is not only a meditative-aid and one of my favorite smells, but it is strongly associated with the energies of the moon.

One dried, red rose: to manifest love and self-confidence. Do this while the water is still hot, so the petals steep. Place your intentions into each petal of the rose. I like to pluck them one by one, giving every petal a purpose: I am loved, I am worthy of love, I love myself, I am confident in me, I believe in myself, I share my love with others, etc., and let the petals go, gently floating down to the water.

1oz of Alba Botanica Hawaiian body oil: simply to spoil yourself. My skin always comes out butter-soft whenever I use it in my baths.

If you’d like, and you own some, place crystals or stones of your choice on the rim of your bathtub. I used obsidian to protect me from negative thoughts, and rose quartz for its positive vibrations.

Climb in the bath and have some tea, meditate, breathe, do whatever you would like to do to reconnect with yourself. Hang out in the tub for a while if you’d like; read a book you’ve been meaning to start, listen to some positive music that speaks to your heart, eat grapes, watch a video, just do something nice for yourself. You are yours, and you deserve to love yourself just as much as you love those closest to you. Surround yourself in it, soak it in, and enjoy your moment of peace.

*Please use herbs responsibly, and avoid using them if you have allergies. The information provided comes from traditional non-medical uses and should not be taken as a guarantee or medical advice

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