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Small-business feature: Candles Edition I

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

My home is coated in candles. There are candles in my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living-room - I am never more than five feet away from a candle at any given time. Morning tea-time? Light a candle. Working? Light a candle. Taking a shower? Candle. Got company? Candle. I’ve never been anything but ecstatic to receive a candle as a present.

Candle with plants on wood table
Green Coconut candle from Barnes Made

As a candle connoisseur, I believe it is my duty to report my favorite candle-finds to you. Today, I’ll be sharing a couple of small businesses with you that are responsible for producing some of my favorite candles. These companies are small-batch, far more affordable than your standard big-name candle, are made up of great ingredients, and perform very well. There will probably be several candle posts in the future.

Luminaire Candle Co.

I was digging through Etsy to find the perfect fall candles, and discovered Luminaire Candle Co. I’ve been enjoying three of their candles for the last couple of months, and will definitely be returning once they burn out. All of their candles are made with soy wax, oils and cotton wicks. Their 8oz candles have a burn time of approximately 40 hours each, and cost $8 (they currently have several candles on sale for less than that, so check it out). They sell wax melts, 8oz and 16oz candles of all scents and seasons. The candles that I’ve bought emit enough scent to fill my entire apartment with beautiful, subtle-but-not-too-subtle fragrance. At the moment, I have Vanilla Pumpkin, Mulled Cider and Witches Brew. The mulled cider reminds me of the hot cider my brother makes at Thanksgiving every year; I like to light it when I’m missing my family.

Luminaire Candle Co is super affordable, and amazing quality. A big shoutout and thanks to the shop owners, Matt and Richard. You guys know what you’re doing, please keep doing it.

Barnes Made

A friend told me about Barnes Made, and ever since I ordered my first candle, I’ve been hooked. Barnes Made is some real luxury; I don’t mind spending a little more on their products ($16 for an 8oz candle), because they’re everything I could possibly ask for in a candle. The scent permeation is ridiculously amazing, the ingredients are always vegan and free of harmful compounds, and they’re handmade in small-batches by a woman-owned business. While I’m raving about them, let me go on for a minute about the soaps: they are life-changing. You’ll never want to buy soap at the drugstore again. It’s like a spa-day for your hands. They’re beautifully scented, and full of nourishing ingredients that leave your hands feeling super soft.

One of my favorite candles by Barnes Made is their “Green Coconut” scent; it’s not currently for sale, but while I’m patiently hoping to see it again, I’m very excited to splurge on a haul and grab all of their winter candles.

Flame and Flora Farm

If you’re looking for beeswax candles, look no further than Flame and Flora Farm. Their shop is currently on a break until January 4th, 2021 for the holidays, but I’ll be first in line to place an order when they’re back to business. Flame and Flora (check them out on Instagram to view their work while they’re away, @flameandflorafarm) crafts the most beautiful, handmade, 100% beeswax candles. I personally love their taper candles, but they have super cute carved candles as well. Because they’re pure beeswax, they emit just the slightest scent of honey. Flame and Flora is committed to remaining low-waste and sustainable.

Beeswax taper candles handmade
Small taper candles from Flame And Flora Farm

The candles are unscented, but are positively beautiful and perfect for enhancing the serenity and comfort of your home. They also sell balms, and dried flowers from their micro-farm!

A note: I am a vegan, but I am of the firm belief that local, ethically-sourced honey and beeswax collection is beneficial to the environment, is an essential asset in the mission to rescue our natural bee populations, and as long as it is done correctly, is of no detriment to the bees. I agree that most bee “products” in mainstream grocery stores should absolutely be avoided, as their practices are unethical.

What are some of your favorite small candle businesses? I’m always on the hunt for a good candle. Let’s chat!

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