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Unaffiliated Pela Case Review: Should You Buy a Pela Case?

Before I tell you why I'm obsessed with Pela, I want to preface the article by saying: if you currently have a phone case that's great and works, don't go buy a new phone case just because it's sustainable. There's no point in throwing away your perfectly good old phone case just so you can spend money on an eco-friendly replacement; that kind of defeats the purpose. If you really want to drop everything and buy one right now, either don't throw away your old phone case and keep it in rotation, or give your old phone case to someone else who needs it (or, sell it). As I've said before in my Sustainable Consumerism article, use what you have before replacing your possessions with eco-friendly counterparts.

That being said, I got a phone upgrade a few months ago, and needed a new case to fit it; I had been seeing ads on Instagram for the Pela phone case for a very long time, and decided I would check them out. *Keep an eye out, they have buy-one-get-one-sales sometimes! Like right now (02/05/2021)!*

Pela claims to be the only fully compostable phone case on the market right now (as of February 2021)

To get the full detail on Pela's materials and how they compost compared to other "plant-based" phone cases, read their article "What is an Eco Friendly Phone Case?"; they emphasize the difference between "biodegradable plastic" versus their "compostable plastic". Their cases are designed to compost completely in 6-months time, without leaving behind any harmful toxins whatsoever. Um, wow!

So I can just throw it away and not worry about it?

The cases are compostable, but it is entirely up to you to take that next step and dispose of your case in a composting environment. according to Pela, their plastics will not degrade if you throw them in a landfill; they specifically require air, moisture, and sunlit conditions to break down. See their article on compostable plastics.

Will Pela's compostable plastic actually protect my phone?

There are endless high-praise customer reviews discussing the durability of Pela's cases; even though they are compostable, they hold up amazingly during every-day use (they require specific conditions to decompose). I've been using Pela for a few months now, and I drop my phone at least twice a day (sorry, I'm clumsy), so I know I can't compromise on a good case. I accidentally fling my phone off counters, toss it out of my own hands because I'm an endlessly graceful person - thanks to the Pela case, my phone is still alive and undamaged. So far, a million drops later, my phone is completely unscathed and doing great. No, for the sake of this review I'm not going to throw my phone off a three story building to let you know exactly how protective it is, but if someone has done that, let me know and I'll link it.

Which case do I recommend?

Me, personally, I have tiny baby-hands, and immediately gravitated towards a slim case. The less bulky I can make my phone, the better. The Cassis Evolve Eco-Friendly Case is 50% slimmer than Pela's other designs (and, frankly, the thing I was attracted to most was the cheaper price tag - this one sits at $34.95, while most of Pela's other cases range around $40-45).

  • It fits my phone very snuggly, no wiggle room, which means the phone is more likely to stay in place when dropped.

  • The texture of the phone is soft and bendy, it feels almost like silicone, it's soft to the touch. However, the texture is just rough enough to give the phone a really nice grip under the fingers, so it's less likely to slip. I haven't had any "dropping my phone on my face in bed" incidents.

  • This engraved butterfly is so beautiful - I had to have it! And I personally really like the spotty-textured look of the solid color.

When I got my phone, Pela was having a "buy one, get a mystery case for free" deal, so I ended up with this beautiful blue sea-turtle case as well. I couldn't find the exact same design on their website, perhaps it isn't available at the moment, but here is a similar sea-turtle case if you'd like to get one for yourself. I really love their engraved designs; if that's not your thing, there are plenty of other options including clear cases! If you're someone who prefers a wallet case, they've got you covered, too.

In the picture below you can see the difference in thickness between their slim and regular cases.

Which phones do they cater to?

iPhone all the way from the 12 Pro Max to the 5, Samsung Galaxy S21+ to the S7, Google Pixel 2 - 5, and Huawei 20 lite to 30 pro.

Is the price worth it?

Yes. As a professional value-hunter, I can absolutely say that Pela's prices are perfectly reasonable and absolutely worth it, for these reasons:

  • I will again emphasize: they are the only 100% compostable phone case currently on the market. I feel pretty good about spending a little more money on a case to support Pela's innovations as they grow.

  • Reviews rave that these cases last a long time with care, making the price-tag, again, very reasonable.

  • The company is committed to sustainability and ethical practices.

  • Most phone cases with this level of protection lie in a similar price-range; so, you might as well get the compostable one.

And again, when they have promotional sales, the value is unbeatable! I got two cases for the price of one, so honestly, I probably won't have to buy another case for as long as I have this phone.

For anyone who's looking for a new phone case, I will adamantly recommend Pela. We have so much plastic in our lives; now that we know we can protect our phones without wrapping them in plastic, let's ditch the old way and start striving to do whatever we can to support changes in the industry. If a $30-45 phone case is in your budget, this is the one to pick.

Pela doesn't just sell phone cases! They have AirPods cases, a zero-waste screen protector, and Smartwatch bands!

Are you considering buying your next case from Pela? What are your opinions on compostable plastics? Let's chat in the comments!

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